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Your ideal supply chain managed as easily as if it were a single supplier

  • Everything you need

    e-foods has a portfolio of over
    600 suppliers covering all categories.

    • Fresh Produce
    • Dairy & Bakery
    • Meat, Poultry & Fish
    • Dried, Frozen & Chilled
    • Deli, Snacks & Confectionary
    • Drinks & Beverages
    • Hygiene & Cleaning
    • Office Supplies
    • White Goods & Electricals
    • Work Wear
    • Tableware & Linen
    • Laundry Services
    • Utilities & Waste Services

    “Through e-foods we have our ideal supply chain and support at site level - something that is essential as some sites really are off the beaten track and need special arrangements to get supplies to them. Not only this but we've gained control of our purchasing that can be carefully monitored through the online system.”

    John McGrath
    Head of Enterprise & Procurement
    for YHA (England & Wales)
  • In One Place

    Administering your supply chain is simple.

    With all your suppliers in one place, performance managed by e-foods, administering your supply chain is as simple as if it were just a single supplier. Consolidated ordering, invoicing and payment substantially reduces and simplifies all your supplier purchasing administration.

  • Local, regional and national suppliers

    Create your perfect blend.

    e-foods helps you build the ideal mix of suppliers from a portfolio with local, regional and national capability. A blend from all is usually the most capable to provide the most cost effective and robust supply solution. e-foods is not tied to any supplier so will always work to your ideal model.

  • Brilliant local supply, nationally

    National coverage, locally.

    The e-foods supply model is unrivalled for its ability to provide local supply to each site on a national basis. Local means flexible, agile and versatile. It brings low food miles, support to local economies and suppliers passionate about what they produce. Service levels are matched and monitored to your KPI’s to ensure your supply chain performs optimally.

  • Fully accredited and managed

    Supplier audits, monitoring and managing.

    Every supplier is managed and monitored. Due diligence is assured with managed accreditations and full traceability. e-foods has ready made supply chains to support Food for Life standards on a national basis. Robust and safe supply is central to the e-foods model.

    e-foods manages your supplier portfolio, negotiating price, service and specification. Field account managers complete regular ‘back door’ checks and the Quality Assurance Team carry out supplier Compliance audits to ensure standards are maintained throughout the life of their food safety accreditation. We maintain the relationship to your best advantage; you get on with your business.

    Constant benchmarking ensures pricing is always optimised and with such a wide roster of suppliers, innovations are frequent and effective at adding value.

  • Online & offline solutions

    Online browser based system.

    Choose fully integrated online ordering at site level via tablet or pc direct into our systems. Or opt for telephone ordering to suppliers that enter and manage orders through our systems. In both instances you have total visibility, oversight and control of purchasing activity at every site.