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Cut spend without compromising quality

  • Consolidated buying power

    Scale is a potent force when it comes to buying power.

    By consolidating spend across all its’ clients, e-foods’ is able to provide access to pricing structures that are significantly below the level achievable against your own spend in isolation.

    “Because of locked down approved buying lists we're now confident that Homes are using products that meet specification for price, quality and traceability, essential to meet our commitment to the Food for Life standard.”

    Tracy Sutherland
    Head of Hospitality, HC-One Care Homes.
  • Fixed term pricing, one national price file

    e-foods gives you two simple things that bring enormous benefits.

    • Fixed term pricing
      By holding pricing for agreed periods you can plan budgets knowing that your costs are fixed and your margins assured.
    • One national price file
      Managing different pricing for the same products at different locations and hundreds of price files from each supplier is a massive challenge that makes margin tracking almost impossible. e-food’s provides one price file for all your products that holds nationwide, making menus easy to cost and following margins simple.

    Behind e-foods' systems sit a team of experts in purchasing and procurement. e-foods' focus is to realise best value for our clients at every level - we know it's the most effective way to retain your business.

  • Ongoing price benchmarking, price rise mitigation

    The most effective route to the best pricing is through our purchasing teams' bench-marking activity. Constant monitoring of pricing.

    Constant monitoring of pricing ensures changes are picked up quickly and acted upon. We hold regular benchmarking reviews with our clients, but, for e-foods, chasing down every opportunity for improvement is a daily activity.

    We know that to retain your business we must continually demonstrate the value of e-foods.

    If likely price rises become visible we work with you to devise a mitigation strategy - supplier switch, product switch, every option is considered to help you manage budgets.

  • Best value procurement, innovative procurement

    e-foods' takes a holistic view of your purchasing spend and is expert in seeking best value.

    The price you pay for goods is just one part of the true cost. e-foods will examine every aspect of food cost:

    • Ready made vs raw ingredients vs pre-prepped ingredients
    • Pack sizes vs pack splits
    • Yield
    • Production rationalisation
    • Branded vs unbranded blind tastings
    • Best buys, offers and promotions

    - Just a few of the areas efoods evaluates, manages and monitors to optimise best value on your behalf.

    With such a wide portfolio of suppliers, 600 plus, and “eyes on the industry” innovative new products are always arriving for integration into menus to drive further value.

    A simple cup of tea...

    e-foods conducted blind tea tasting events with a care home group. e-foods introduced a lesser known brand of tea bag - Tea from the Manor - and compared its taste to major brands - the new tea bag won the taste test and delievered a 17% saving against major tea brands - just one example of e-foods' smart procurement.

  • Direct to manufacturer deals

    With combined spend comes the opportunity to approach manufacturers direct.

    Shortening the supply chain is always effective at improving prices and e-foods has a host of deals on core lines such a bacon, butter, tea, coffee, etc that provide dramatic savings.