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Increase oversight & control

  • No month-end suprises

    e-foods’ systems empower your purchasing and finance teams with live information available 24/7/365.

    Headline figures or drill down into individual products, suppliers, locations, it’s all there. Total oversight to inform your management decisions.

    “We had around 120 suppliers and were looking to centralise our food purchasing and bring better oversight and control. e-foods' ability to provide a centrally managed, accredited supply chain has given us the visibility and ease of administration that we need to achieve our best value goal.”

    Chris Shadrach
    Procurement Co-ordinator at Cambian

  • Oversight at a glance

    Information at a glance is available through our single screen custom dashboard.

    Decide which performance information you want to see and we’ll configure your dashboard. You won’t miss a thing and can react instantly to information as it refreshes.

    Spend, location, consumption, etc, you decide, we make it visible.

  • Stop rogue spending

    With locked approved buying lists (ABL’s) you control what is available to buy.

    ABL’s eliminate margin damaging rogue spending and ensure products are approved for price and, equally as important, quality, safety and traceability.

  • Control and limit spending

    Limit spending with budgets that can be fixed by time period, by product or by category.

    You control the amount of flexibility sites have on spending. Set flags for overspend or block overspend unless approval is released. You’re always in control.

  • Seamless and Efficient

    e-foods’ systems are able to provide a stand-alone solution or integrate with your business systems - all business documentation can be received by or sent from the system using industry standard formats to your own computer systems.

    Full EDI and a host of transfer types and file formats are fully supported.

  • Make smart choices

    What’s on the horizon? e-foods is a well connected business and provides clients with useful market intelligence.

    Expected pricing changes due to a broad spectrum of factors – fuel cost, weather, seasonal opportunities and trends are all made visible to inform planning, future uptake and price rise mitigation strategies.