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Run your business more easily and avoid the admin mountain…

  • One fixed national price file

    Easily manage prices across multiple suppliers.

    Managing hundreds of price files across all your locations and multiple suppliers can amount to an almost impossible task. Tracking changes and ensuring you’re paying the right prices becomes an huge administrative burden.

    e-foods provides you with one price file applicable to all your locations, making it simple to administer and easy to check for best value.

    Add in the fact that prices are held for a fixed term and you also cut out the challenge of administering price fluctuations.

    Dramatic time and paperwork saving are the result.

    “The only way we can support our local suppliers without inccuring greater administration costs is through our on-going partnership with e-foods.”

    Brian Pitman
    Purchasing Manager, Shearings Holidays
    - Coast & Country Hotels & Bay Hotels.
  • Consolidated Ordering

    All your suppliers in one place.

    With all your suppliers in one place consolidated ordering saves time in dealing with suppliers. Place an order across many suppliers in one order and the system automatically breaks up the order and distributes the correct items to each supplier.

    If you opt to maintain telephone ordering by your sites to suppliers you still benefit from live visibility of activity. Suppliers use the portal to manage the order ensuring you have oversight of purchasing at head office.

    Standing orders are easy to set up and manage and the systems also accept orders by EDI and integrate seamlessly with your existing business systems.

    e-foods’ systems automatically consolidate your purchasing administration.

    • One consolidation order for multiple suppliers.
    • One consolidated invoice by periods to suit you - weekly, monthly etc.
    • & e-foods handles all your payments too - a single payment from you is broken up and allocated to pay all your suppliers - the time and cost saving is immense!

    The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply estimates the cost of processing an invoice to be in the range of £25 to £50 - e-foods will eliminate 1000's of invoices.

  • Consolidated Invoicing

    Reduce the paperwork mountain.

    No rekeying of paper invoices eliminates errors and brings a dramatic reduction in the number of invoices to process as a result – a 50 site hotel chain was receiving 1,200 dairy invoices per month that reduced to just 50...

  • Credit notes eliminated

    You control the invoices.

    If a delivery doesn’t match what’s been ordered, you control the invoice. The system allows you to update the items and quantities received, which is automatically notified to the supplier to accept or dispute.

    An invoice is only generated when you accept the delivery, after the dispute is resolved so, chasing credit notes is a thing of the past, with only clean, correct invoices available in real-time.

  • Consolidated payment & retros

    Single point of payment

    Paying hundreds of suppliers on different payment terms across your estate is time consuming and expensive.

    With one consolidated payment to e-foods, e-foods splits the payment and pays your suppliers automatically.

    The same payment term means managing cash flow becomes straightforward.

    If retrospective discounts are part of your purchasing structure, e-foods automatically collects and deducts the amounts from your supplier payments on a rolling basis, maximising your cash flow.

  • Paperless, centralised & intergrated

    Eliminate paper with our browser-based portal

    The system is as close to paperless as possible. Everything is managed through an online portal that requires no special hardware or software, just a web browser and a pc or tablet to access a world of purchasing!

    With everything in one place your purchasing activity at every level becomes visible and real-time. Smart customised dash boards give an “at a glance” overview of your key information and indicators.

    e-foods' systems are able to provide a stand alone solution or integrate seamlessly with your business systems.